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Slot machines on borderlands 2

slot machines on borderlands 2

Borderlands 2: Moxxi Slot Machines Odds Probabilities Statistics of spinning the Slot Machines from Borderlands 2 at Moxxxis 22, times. Subscribe: levett.xyz?add_user= Jumpinproductions Follow me on Twitch;. Die Slot Machine (Einarmiger Bandit) ist eines der neuen Features in Borderlands 2. Sie gibt Ihnen die Möglichkeit, all das hart erarbeitete.

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In terms of guns? Originally posted by Bunkyguy:. Other than when a grenade comes out or when your backpack gets full, your character should never have to actually move. Wiki Activity Random page Community Videos Images. The Pre-Sequel Borderlands Legends Tales from the Borderlands. I didn't know that tipping her increases the odds so I'll start doing that. An exception is that if you hit the triple vault symbol jackpot, you win a legendary weapon. You can usually get a good chunk of iridium in co-op games as people will gamble away a good deal of their money so they don't lose any if they die. Not sure if its just luck but I tipped her 1k then the very first slot pull I got all the eridum signs matched up. Moxxi's bar in Badassitude DLC has two machines, but they are not arranged such that you can play them without moving around like the ones in Sanctuary. I've personally upgraded my guns at least 6 times and earned around 40 Iridium at a net loss of only 35k or so since I've been earning about half of what I spend back from jackpots. Basic und Legendary Relics Guide Borderlands 2: Contents [ show ]. How much money do you guys find you are carrying around? It's relatively accurate, too. PlayStation 3 Action Shooter First-Person Arcade Borderlands 2 FAQs. Comment and Save Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. Detailed Results Combination, Prize, Number of Spins, Percentage from most frequently occurring to most rarely occurring:.

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Borderlands 2 Legendary Weapon Drop From The Slot Machine 4 Mitglieder der Dunklen Bruderschaft Meuchelmörder sind gute Begleiter, wenn Ihr Charakter ebenfalls auf Schleichen und Heimlichke Ares42 Follow Forum Posts: I've played BL2 more than 20 times, spending a lot of time on slots in each playthrough, and have never won a legendary weapon. Skyrim, in den eisigen nördliche Regionen von Tamriel gelegen, ist ein erbarmungsloses Land voller frierender Bussarde, skrupelloser Ban Using this strategy, people usually empty their backpacks onto the floor of the bar when they get full to make room for more weapons so they can continue playing the slots. I pay about - each time and play about every time Im in town. slot machines on borderlands 2 I personally got all Torgue's legendary dh gate safe of the day", specially the Lv28 ones because the Lv48 ones can be surpassed by other random legendaries at Lv Borderlands 2 Store Page. Has anyone gotten those 3 borderland signs, what do you get for them? Borderlands 2 Borderlands 2 Slot Machines Winning Combinations. Before gambling tip Moxxi some money and your odds improve. An exception is that if you hit the triple vault symbol jackpot, you win a legendary weapon.

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